Mail: Are you being haunted by unread phantom emails? You can do that about it

Apps show you whether there is new content with a label on the app icon. The Mail app is no exception. However, there is an error that does not reset the counter even though all mails are marked as read. We’ll tell you what you can do.

Actually, it is very helpful if you can see on the home screen how many unread emails there are in the Mail app. However, a strange mistake prevents the correct display, so that the license plate counter shows unread mails, although one has read all of them. Fortunately, there is a simple trick that doesn’t require resetting the device as the cause is different.

Why does the Mail app show me unread emails even though they are not?

Apple’s mail app doesn’t have the best reputation. Nevertheless, it offers a practical application that is more than sufficient for the average user. However, it should be noted that the iOS app in particular can do less, so that, for example, no intelligent mailboxes can be created or no rules are possible.

On the Mac, you can use rules to automatically sort mail from specific senders or specific words in the subject into other mailboxes, thus saving you time. Since mail is synchronized on both platforms, you can also benefit from it on the iPhone and iPad. While the Mac automatically classifies incoming e-mails, it can take a moment under iOS or iPadOS and sometimes errors occur. If you open an email while moving it or shortly before, the system can get mixed up and show you an unread email accordingly.

This is how you avoid the problems

Basically, you have several solution methods to choose from. It is probably easiest if you use a different e-mail app or do without the rules on the Mac so as not to confuse the application. However, this is counterproductive and misses the point behind the function. If you open the Mail app on the iPhone or iPad, we recommend waiting a moment for the mails to sort themselves in order to prevent the problem.

There is also the possibility that one of the mail services you use uses its own filter. On the associated page, you can often make settings and deactivate them, for example. Because even such filters can sometimes overwhelm the mail app. 

As a last alternative, you can select a mailbox under “Settings> Notifications> Mail” and deactivate the indicator and you will not see a notification counter on the home screen.

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