Apple’s beta program: how to sign up for iOS 14, macOS 11, and watchOS 7

The time has come: after developers have been able to try out iOS 14 and Co. for two weeks now, ordinary users can also test the betas – for the first time also watchOS 7.

Register for the Apple Beta Software Program – Here’s how

At WWDC 2020, Apple not only announced beta for developers, but also confirmed a public beta test. While previously only tvOS, iOS and macOS versions were available in advance as part of the beta program, interested users can now also try out watchOS 7 in detail. The latter operating system in particular makes people sit up and take notice and hope that Apple will focus on stability and optimization this year.

But how do you register for the public beta test? First, you should register on Apple’s official beta website . To do this, click on “Register” and then log in with your Apple ID and password. Then you just confirm the conditions of participation. 

Now select the desired operating system and follow the respective instructions. For the beta of iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7, you had to visit the website with your smartphone or tablet, as you need to install a beta profile in order to update to the beta version. This is particularly easy with tvOS 14. Once you have registered for the beta, you can activate the public beta updates on your Apple TV with the same Apple ID in “Settings> System> Software update” and then update them from there. 

Note : Before you sign up for the beta and install a pre-release version on your device, you should not only make a backup, but also be aware that it is not an official version. Rather, Apple offers you the opportunity to try out the new software and to help remove possible errors from the final version until it is widely released in autumn. You should therefore not install a beta on a device that you absolutely need, as full compatibility with all apps is not guaranteed and errors can lead to data loss.

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