iPhone 8: That’s why the Aldi bargain is not worth it (and what the better alternative is)

As of today, Aldi has been selling the iPhone 8 at an affordable entry-level price. While the price sounds tempting, there are some arguments against it. We tell you why you should ignore the apparently bargain.

iPhone 8: Apple’s discontinued model

As a price-conscious smartphone buyer, it doesn’t always have to be the latest device. For this reason, Apple also offers older iPhone models. But you can find real bargains with the numerous third-party providers. Aldi is currently offering you the iPhone 8 for 369 euros (north) or 379 euros (south) with 64 GB of storage space. Not a bad deal when you consider that they were charging more than double that from Apple recently. But you can’t compare it because something is different.

Aldi’s offer has a catch

Unlike Apple and other providers, Apple sells you a refurbished iPhone 8. Specifically, this means that it already had a previous owner and Aldi had the device completely dismantled and checked for functionality. There should be no differences compared to a new device. According to Aldi, the devices have “no discoloration on the LCD display, no gaps, no signs of damage from liquids and only minimal scratches up to a maximum length of 0.5 millimeters”. You also get a two-year guarantee. However, it is not a new device and should not be viewed as the same. 

Alternative 1: Another provider

Aldi’s bargain is tempting and is sure to make buyers happy. However, you should look around if you are already considering a refurbished device from the discounter. Rebuy is therefore a very good and reliable alternative. There you can get an iPhone 8 with 64 GB in “like new” condition for 355 euros, which roughly corresponds to the completely overhauled status of the Aldi model. There you also have a large selection of colors and can opt for another storage option for an additional charge. What makes Rebuy significantly better than the Aldi bargain, however, is the fact that you get a 36-month guarantee, while Aldi only offers 24 months. Before you buy from Rebuy though, we would like to introduce you to a better alternative or the best price-performance ratio.

Alternative 2: a new model

Both the iPhone 8 and the processor have almost three years on the camera hump and this is not to be underestimated if you want to use the smartphone for another three to five years. During this time Apple could stop software support and the extended warranty will no longer help you. You should therefore take a look at a similar device: the iPhone SE (2nd generation). 

The iPhone SE (2020) appeared only a few weeks ago and looks like the iPhone 8 down to the last detail. However, Apple has installed the latest processor – the A13 – which is also used in the iPhone 11 Pro. In addition, the device has the camera from the iPhone XR, which is further enhanced by the A13 chip. Even if the surcharge of 100 euros compared to the Aldi or rebuy offers may sound like a lot, it should be mentioned that from 466 euros you get a completely new smartphone with the latest processor technology that will be supported for many years to come.

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