iOS 14: Apple lets you control your iPhone with the back – this is how it works

It might sound strange in the absence of new hardware, but iOS 14 lets you use the back of the iPhone as a new input method.

iOS 14 introduces many new features that should make it easier for you to use your iPhone. However, Apple did not address a very special feature at the WWDC keynote: “Tap on the back”. This allows the back of your iPhone to be used for simple commands. There are two gestures to choose from: double-tap and three-tap. A basic selection of 24 commands is available for each of the two options, which you can, however, expand with your own shortcuts from the Shortcuts app. 

What can the new function in iOS 14 do?

The “Tap on the back” function allows you to use the following basic functions with a double or triple tap:

Without, app switcher, lock screen, screenshot, one-handed mode, home, control center, shortcut, volume up, volume down, message center, shake, Siri, spotlight, mute, scroll up and scroll down. These accessibility aids are also available: AssistiveTouch, Speak Screen, Magnifying Glass, Invert – Smart, Invert – Classic, VoiceOver and Zoom.

In addition, the function can be used system-wide. This includes the home screen, all apps and even the lock screen. 

How do you enable “Back Tap” in iOS 14?

To set up the feature, open the Settings app, then tap Accessibility> Tap. There you will find the new entry “Tap on the back” at the bottom. Tap it, then choose whether you want to turn on Double Tap or Three Tap. Now choose an action. 

We recommend a function like the control center or the notification center, as these are often harder to reach and require a second hand. Alternatively, there are of course also your own shortcuts.

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