Apple Watch: This is how you deactivate route guidance when using CarPlay

The Apple Watch is the perfect companion on the go and helps with navigation. CarPlay takes over in the car. But what if both systems want to lead you to your goal? This can be annoying, but there is a solution.

It’s actually pretty handy if you start route guidance on your iPhone and your Apple Watch then always gives you notification instructions for turning. So you don’t have to dig out your iPhone every time to know when to turn. This is a great solution to a simple problem – especially when traveling in an unfamiliar city. However, this can be disruptive in combination with Apple’s CarPlay. By default, both your vehicle and your smartwatch will want to inform you about the route guidance and this can prove to be annoying, especially due to the constant vibrations of the Apple Watch. Fortunately, Apple gives you the option to prevent this from happening.

Deactivate navigation via Apple Watch and CarPlay – Here’s how

As already mentioned, Apple has therefore provided a software update that deactivates the turn-by-turn instructions on the Apple Watch when using CarPlay. To do this quickly and easily, first open the Watch app on your iPhone. At the bottom of the screen, tap the “My Watch” tab. Then select the entry “Cards” from the settings list. Once in the navigation settings, pull the slider next to “Drive with CarPlay” to the left. In addition to this, you can also switch off the “Driving” option in this way. Then you will no longer receive any turn-by-turn instructions if you are going with someone. 

We generally recommend deactivating the function. The reason for this is simple. The Apple Watch has an increased energy requirement due to the navigation and since CarPlay shows you the route, this would be extremely unnecessary.

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