iOS 13.5: How to fix the issue with apps not starting

iOS 13.5 was only a few hours old and a big problem was already emerging. Some apps could not be started anymore. You can do that now.

Actually, iOS 13.5 should introduce various improvements as well as the COVID-19 tracking API. For many users, however, the update turned out to be a bad joke. Numerous applications can no longer be started because they are supposedly “no longer shared”. But of course this is not the case, since the problem is completely arbitrary. Interestingly, hundreds of updates for apps are now available in the App Store, some of which are more than ten days old – even though they are already installed. It is assumed that this is related to the error and that the applications are now being reloaded to solve the problem. 

But what can you do when the problem affects you. We’ll be happy to tell you.

Here’s how to fix the apps not starting issue

One solution is of course to reinstall the available updates. However, not everyone is ready, so you can either wait or act yourself. You can also solve the problem manually. However, depending on the number of apps installed, this can be very time-consuming.

First open the settings and go to “General” and select “iPhone Storage”. Wait a moment for all of the apps to load. Now select an app and then tap on “Store app”. This will delete the app from your device without losing your data. Now switch to the home screen. There the app icon should now be grayed out and provided with a cloud symbol. Tap it to download the application again. The app should then work as usual. 

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