iPad: Here’s how to turn off the touchscreen before giving it to your child

Trust is good, but control is better. This also applies to the use of iOS devices by children. So that they cannot leave a game, for example, there is a simple trick that we do not want to withhold from you.

For years, many users have requested user profiles for the iPad so that several people can share a tablet. While Apple has long allowed this for schools, it is difficult to release it for other users. Parents in particular could benefit from this, as separate screen times, access restrictions and more could then be set.

Until then, however, you have to resort to alternative methods to deny children access to settings, photos, emails and other apps so that something is not accidentally deleted, changed or sent. Apple integrated a useful function in iOS and iPadOS for this purpose. 

How to enable guided access

With a feature called “Guided Access” you can quickly and easily activate a lock for apps. If the mode is switched on, you can only exit the app with a password or biometric verification. This is particularly interesting for child-friendly applications in which the dear little ones should move. 

To activate the function, open the settings and go to “Accessibility”. Then scroll down and tap on “Guided Access”. Turn it on with a swiping motion. Now you can configure the code settings or the automatic screen lock.

Once you’re done, you can open any app. Now press the side or power button three times quickly to activate. Tap on Options to set a time limit or to disable touch controls. Then select “Start”. 

You can switch off the mode again by pressing the side or power button three times and entering your specified password.

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