iCloud Photos: Download all your photos from iCloud at once – here’s how

The iPhone is our constant companion and makes an additional digital camera superfluous. There is a small but effective trick to back up all recordings quickly.

With the iPhone, we always carry a camera with us just in case. However, we are often too convenient to save the images locally on an external memory. Depending on the scope, this can vary in intensity. Fortunately, there is an easy way to back up all of your footage with little effort. However, the use of iCloud photos is required. You can check whether the function is active in “Settings> Photos”. If you have switched on the feature, all recordings will be synchronized across all your Apple devices. However, this also takes up iCloud storage. To create space, you should always back up older recordings locally and then delete them from the cloud. But how can you simply download and save all images locally?

This is how you download all the pictures from iCloud at once

Of course, you could simply export all recordings to the hard drive in the Photos app on the Mac. But a simpler method is hidden on Apple’s “data and privacy” website . There you can click on “Request copies of your data” after logging in and then tick “iCloud photos”. Click on “Next” and request your data. Within a few days, Apple compiles your recordings and lets you download them in a handy zip format. Then you can safely remove numerous photos and videos from your iCloud storage and save a lot of space.

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