Apple supports repair shops with Mac replacement parts

Apple allows repair shops to repair Macs, too, and gives them the right parts and training.

Previously, Apple-authorized independent repair shops were only allowed to repair iPhones, but that has now changed. Mac users previously had to use either Apple or an authorized warranty provider. Now independent workshops are also allowed to repair computers, as reported by the Reuters news agency.

“We look forward to bringing this convenient and trusted repair experience to our Mac users,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer.

Apple has been in the crossfire of criticism for repairs to its hardware for years. Until last year, the spare parts were not freely available, now at least workshops that subject Apple to strict controls get the parts and can repair iPhones. Now it works with Macs too.

Right to repair

In some US states, right-to-repair laws are in preparation that will force Apple to publish repair instructions and sell the parts to anyone interested.

In the USA as well as in this country, a repair without loss of warranty has not yet been easy. For example, Apple gives you the option of sending your defective device in, having it repaired at an Apple Store or at an authorized service provider, or now at an authorized repair service provider in order not to void the warranty. When doing repairs on your own, there are other problems in addition to the loss of warranty, as Apple on the one hand relies on special tools and on the other hand glues many components together. In most cases, it is better to go to a specialist workshop.

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