Three Smart iPhone Calling Tricks You Should Know

For many users, the phone function in the iPhone is only a minor matter, since messengers have taken up the place. Still, there are three little tricks that you should definitely know.

Activate LED notification for calls

Unlike many Android devices, the iPhone does not have an LED exclusively for notifications. However, there is a little trick that will give you a similar effect. Apple has integrated an operating aid for the hearing impaired. To do this, open “Settings> Accessibility> Audio / Visual” and drag the control next to “LED flash for notices” to the right. Optionally you can only activate this with “silent”.

Create individual vibrations for your contacts

To recognize callers, Apple lets you adjust all sorts of settings. In addition to the familiar ringtones and contact photos, there is another option: vibrations. iOS 13 lets you create your own vibration patterns for contacts. 

To do this, open the phone app and call up any contact. Then select “Edit” in the upper right corner. Now tap on “Ringtone” and then on “Vibration”. Then select “Create new vibration” if you do not want a ready-made solution. Now tap freely on the display to create a vibration pattern. There is only a time limit of ten seconds for creativity. You can restart the recording or “Save”. Then enter a name and the pattern for calls or incoming messages from contacts can be set.

Create call responses

You cannot always answer calls directly, for example in a meeting or in the cinema. Apple therefore integrated a clever feature to protect the answering machine. You have the option of sending call replies as a message and can thus signal to the caller that you don’t have time at the moment or that you cannot answer and, for example, report back later.

In the current iOS version 13.4 (and newer) you can see the menu item “Message” for incoming calls. Here you can choose from ready-made answers. However, to create your own message, open Settings and go to “Phone> Reply with Message”. Here you can create up to three individual reply messages for incoming calls.

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