Always ready: This is how Apple wants the Mac to perform tasks when it is idle

For years, the Mac has offered the option of Power Nap to keep your data in sync. Apple is quietly developing the function.

What is power nap? 

If your Mac is asleep, it can still work for you. Apple calls the feature Power Nap and allows you to receive e-mails, iCloud synchronization, the search function, downloading software updates and also performing Time Machine backups, so you should be up to date every time you use your Mac Be up to date without having to wait long for your data to be updated.

However, there is one disadvantage, especially with MacBooks: if they are not connected to the power, this drains the battery. Interestingly, Apple has integrated a function for models up to 2012 that suspends the power nap from 30 percent , while the battery is completely discharged on new models. This is particularly fast if you connect via a virtual network and want to access data on the Mac. In this case, the screen is activated and the energy requirement increas.

This is how Apple wants to improve Power Nap

To get around the last case, Apple is already working on a solution. As a new patent reveals, one wants to control a computer system when it is idle. This means that you can remotely control a Mac or other device when it is idle without wasting energy unnecessarily. According to the patent specification, this should work for both wireless and wired devices. This should significantly increase the possibilities. This should include tasks such as changing, uploading and downloading data and accessing connected devices. 

Another area of ​​application is also conceivable. For example, a device could play a tone when it is idle so that it can be found again. This could be useful on both the Mac, iPhone, and AirPods. 

It remains to be seen whether and when Apple will integrate the new functions. Until then, Power Nap will keep you up to date.

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