iOS Basics: How to Move Apps on the Home Screen

At least once a year it comes over us and then we want to tidy up or rearrange the home screen. You should do this too. We’ll explain how.

Move apps on the home screen – here’s how

Right from the start, you could arrange your home screen yourself by dragging apps from A to B. Of course, iOS does not allow empty fields like Android, but sorting – even in folders – is a long way of doing things. While Apple will make further simplifications in iOS 14 and, for example, add new apps to the app library so as not to clutter the home screen, so far you have no choice but to sort the apps manually. However, this works pretty easily.

Hold your finger on any app until the icon begins to wobble. Alternatively, you can wait a little shorter and select “Edit home screen” from the context menu. Now drag the app with your finger to another page or to another app to create a folder. As soon as you are done, you either swipe up from the bottom or tap on “Done” in the upper right corner.

Move multiple apps at the same time

Moving apps individually can be very tedious and also extremely time-consuming. Apple therefore integrated the ability to move several apps at once – for example to a new folder. 

To do this, hold your finger on any app until the app icons start to wobble. Let go now. Hold your finger on the app that you want to move and slide it slightly to release it from the home screen. Now you can tap apps with a second finger that should also change places. These are stacked behind the first app. Move them to the new location or folder, then lift your finger to drop the apps. Finally, tap “Done” in the upper right corner or swipe up from the bottom.

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