How to sort your emails on the iPhone or iPad

Your e-mail inbox is overflowing and you can no longer find certain e-mails? Then it is high time for some order. We’ll tell you how it works.

There should always be some order. This also applies to your emails. You should not only acquire routines such as immediately deleting unpleasant emails or delete weekly expired newsletter advertisements, but also sort your emails. While automation is available on the Mac with the applicable rules, you still have to do it yourself on the iPhone and iPad. Apple gives you the option of sorting your e-mails with your own and intelligent folders in the mail app and this does not even require much effort.

How to create new mailboxes and folders in Mail

To do this, open the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the back icon in the top left until you see your mailboxes. Then tap on “Edit” in the top right corner. You will immediately see some new mailboxes that give you quick access to today’s inboxes, e-mails with attachments and other intelligent sorting. Check the box to make it permanent.

In the lower right, tap on “New mailbox” to create your own storage space, for example for invoices. To move an email, simply hold your finger briefly on it in the mailbox so that a context menu appears. Select “Move E-Mail” and then select the destination folder.

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